Looks like we made it
Look how far we’ve come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we’d get there someday

No, I’m not having a new girlfriend. I already have a lot. That’s a headache. Besides, like the said – It’s a game, survival of the fittest. It’s a game of total manipulation of emotions. It’s either you lead or you follow – Wise words, my friends.

On this day, 8th January 2007 – “A Life Less Ordinary” was given a new life on wordpress. Thanks to bongkersz and drumsticks for pressing me to move to a new home on wordpress. I’m glad that I made that choice.

It’s been a great year for me and also this blog and to be finally celebrating the first anniversary of me setting my foot on wordpress is a wonderful feeling. Earlier on when I first started on wordpress, I brought some of my friends from me old ye blogger blog, which I finally deleted yesterday because I found it of no use and I think I need to thank Lynnwei for the technorati post. I totally forgot that I actually have a technorati account until I read that post.

Amongst those who’ve I’ve acquainted during my blogger days were Lynnx01, Mar, Kim, Jing, drumsticks and bongkersz to name a few and also not to mention Lola – at the moment having the same problem with Josh Lim – (sewa rumah tak bayar). I’m so blessed to have these people who have been hanging out by my blog and it sort of giving me the push to keep on blogging. Thanks a bunch guys.

The year 2007 have brought in – zewt, keeyit, cbenc12, sean, AceOne118, Dr Bernard Chan & Jonzz (My Warbook Sifoos), Beeean, Daniel, Horny Ang Moh, Kenny, Jamy, Man-D, . It is a great pleasure to have known you guys and to know that you guys do hang out here is an honour for me.

And then as you can see now my blogroll have expanded. Towards the end of the year I made new blogger friends – Bengbeng, MongkeyWong, -MB-, angel and ahBong.

Through the years, I think I do learnt a lot. I’m trying to compare myself with what I was back 3 years ago when first started blogging. I’m not saying that I am now good but at least I see some improvements in me. I’ve learnt a lot from blogs that I read, comments that I’ve received and it’s really a blessing for me.

Well, cheers to the 1st Anniversary of A Life Less Ordinary.