December 2007

I’ve just came back from Miri.

To My favourite Aunt & Future-To-Be-Uncle :

Jacqueline Janta Boniface & James Ang Chung Sang



Well, to start of things – How has life been for you?

To be honest? Good, I guess. Nothing much except for a few hoo-ha here and there. That’s just part and parcel of life anyway. Who cares. Apart from being busy with warbook work there’s nothing much really.

That’s basically pretty boring isn’t it?
Depends on how you look at it I guess. Sometimes I do think that it’s boring but there are times I find it so enchanting.

Care to elaborate more on that?

Well, enchanting in a sense that I got a work to do and there’s money. There’s a driving factor behind it. Money that is. I know you’d probably ask me next “What’s so enchanting about it?” but I’m not gonna tell you. I let you figure it out.

Let’s talk about love.
Shoot .. This is my favourite subject in school – murderer!

So, let’s start with a simple question of – Have you ever been in love?

Of course I do. Maybe most of the time and maybe most of the time for the very wrong reasons. 😉 Kidding. Yes, I do but if you’re next question is “Who was your first love?”, I’ll have to say your mom. Kill me – Dead!

Now, how does that feel?

Falling in love with someone can be an amazing feeling, especially when it’s for the first time. And it isn’t always easy to be certain that your partner feels exactly the same way. It’s natural to feel anxious about revealing your feelings; telling someone you love could make you feel vulnerable and risks changing the relationship for good. One word, ICE CREAM! That suddenly popped out. I have no idea where it came from.

Have you ever done something that seemed ludicrous at the time to impress them?
Impress who? Owh .. Of course. There was this one time, I’ve got a tattoo of Yogi Bear on my shoulder, which I think I had done to impress a girl, yeah I can’t imagine I’ve done anything that hasn’t been to impress a girl at some point or another. Did it impress her? No, no I don’t think it did, nah, that’s shocking isn’t it? What a waste of ink! – Kidding, I can’t think of any I guess apart from willing to travel miles away from where I am just to meet her, sending out flowers from afar. There was this one time I paid RM80.00 for a bouquet of white roses to be sent out to a girl which I kinda like but in the end she told me that she prefer pink roses instead of white. Darn it! What a waste

Have you ever called them to hear their voice, only to hang up before speaking?

I used to. There was once in high school. I freaking like this babe, I got her phone number but everytime she picks up the phone I hang up. It was only in second year into school that I actually managed to talk to her and I asked her out. We dated for quite a while before we – well, we never really started. 😉

Can you name their favorite … ice cream?
Darn it! This is like playing Ganguro Girls dude! Why are you asking me these questions?

… movie?

Hidden pleasure, MILF .. Some japanese porn I guess. Nah kidding! Really, I never really dig into that. Maybe some sappy sad movie like Titanic. To tell you the truth, I also watch Titanic like a zillion time. Who cares …

Do you find that certain songs on the radio seem to be written about them or the two of you?

Not really but my friend got. The song was “Here Without You” by Three Doors Down. LOL! It was a bit funny because I never expected this friend of mine like that one you know but then come to think of it, he’s human after all. So my dear friend, I understand.

Do you have pet names for each other?

Pussy and Dicky? Doesn’t sounds nice uh? Nope, I never. Even we did have, I won’t tell you. Let me see … pet names: baby, bee, bie, honey, sayang, cayang, cayunk .. what else? Oh ya, how could I forget – Dear of course.

Does a hug or kiss from them really make it all better?
Come on … Of course they do. It’s like a cure for the itch.

Are you thinking about them right now?
Wah .. THEM? So many ah? While I’m talking to you I have one in mind. I just wished that the other side would be the same too. 😉 But then maybe not. It’s ok!

Do you miss them, even when they are in the next room?

We’re all lonely for something we don’t know we’re lonely for. How else to explain the curious feeling that goes around feeling like missing somebody we’ve never even met? – That was by David Foster Wallace by the way. Doesn’t really answer your question right? We’ll leave it like that. 😉

Have you or they picked a song (you know “yours and their song”)?
I actually composed a few but it always end up as my song for myself in the end. Sad eh? In the end it doesn’t really matter. 😉 I’m cool!

Do you hurt when they hurt?
I bleed. Whoaaa .. Scary huh? Well, if you really love that someone I guess it does hurt you when that person that you love is hurt. She’s like a part of me and how could I possibly not hurt when she’s hurt.

Last but not least, last words? Wish perhaps?
I wished she was here
I wished I could turn back time
I wished I was the January guy
Just wishes right? It wouldn’t hurt that much. 😉

Thanks for your time
Not a problem. Cheers and happy new year!

I’m currently down with slight fever. I need MC or maybe a week’s rest.

Oh well, here we go again :

What happened on your last birthday?
Nothing, really.

Last Christmas?
I spent a few days in Miri, a few days in Niah and have to come back to Bintulu on the 25th because on the 26th I have to go to work thanks to my colleagues, I really owe them for all this shit!

Last Valentine’s day?
I blogged about valentine’s day.

Learn something today?
Yes, TM call center told me what’s a splitter. That’s new to me. I basically asked the guy. “Dude, you gotta help me here. You see, when it comes to stuffs like this I sucked. What’s a splitter anyway?”

Last song you heard?
Disasterpiece – Slipknot – I know that’s not so romantic

Are you a vegetarian?
Hell no!

Words weighing on your mind?
MC, MC, MC ….

The one thing you try to do everyday?
Have more money

Best thing in the world?

What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons?
Do nothing

What is the best thing about your job?
I got paid for doing everything and nothing at all. Wanna trade spaces?

What was the last conversation you had about?
About how to not lose a lot of acreage while playing warbook. That’s with clement

Where do you see yourself in four years?
At home making pies lean back and just enjoy the melody .. ahhhh

Have you ever liked someone and not told them?
Yup. Not that I don’t want to but I just don’t know how. Eugene doesn’t even know I exists!

Have you ever had a crush on your sibling’s friend?
Erkk .. I wished but nahh, no thanks!

What does your shout out means?
It means, stop sending me forwarded messages you DUMBASS!

What does your default photo means?
I am one – handsome

What’s your current problem?
I need to get an MC

Do you have a date on this fine day?

What’s the name of the song that’s stuck in your mind right now?
I missed you in a heartbeat – Def Leppard

Name someone with the same birthday as you?
Drew Barrymore

Last words?
I thank God that you finally read this post till the end. Please leave some comments!


Guys, thanks for dropping by. I am really exhausted by the way. I just came back from Miri at about an hour ago. Still on a hangover – Darn it! Just a simple Merry Christmas wish to everyone and knowing that you guys still hang around my blog make me feel so blessed to have friends like all of you – Even if I don’t know you personally, or those whom I just “know-know” like that la. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. – Darn it! I need to work tomorrow!

You’ll be doin all right, with your christmas of white
But I’ll have a blue, blue blue blue christmas

I’ve been playing as a mogul for the past couple of week. The results, great. I am now at the 100,000 acres mark. More than that actually but I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieved, which is so fucking cool. Here are some tips for all the moguls that I would like to share with all the warbookers out there.

Tips For A Beginner Mogul

1. Stat points. Push your mana up to 65. This gives you 3 alchemies at full points and works out to be the most economically sound way of getting in money. Higher than that and your alchemy cost climbs too. DEFENSE! Ignore spell points and attack (you can put points into attack at higher levels if you feel the need but leave it alone initially).

2. Mines, mines and more mines. Gold is a mogul’s strength so use it. Barracks help for upgrading but if your income is maxing, it cancels out the need for cheaper troops. Destroy any amplifiers, you don’t need them and unless you plan on annoying magicians a lot, you don’t need barriers either. Training grounds are pointless for us. If you are paranoid, feel free to use some forts, but they don’t really make that much difference if you concentrate on keeping legionnaires.

3. Make sure you fill all 5 trade slots.

4. Upgrade to legionnaires whenever possible.

5. Feel free to push yourself into negative income to make a jump. Don’t push so high that you end up with a flimsy defense. You will only end up getting beaten back to where you just came from. Make sure you do push high enough to get a decent income again.

6. Buy soldiers from dealers. It costs you way less than making your own.

7. Attack kingdoms with a resource status of PLENTY. You will get higher gains vs troops loss.

8. A personal piece of advice, hit once and move on. Your victims will feel less compelled to come back and get you and you will have less people eager to get their paws on your hard won land 🙂

9. when possible, hit people who are your size, or even bigger than you. You also get higher gains for that. When you aren’t strong enough to do that, the less you bottom feed the better the returns as well.

10. Another thing to try is to always be friendly. If someone gets angry at you don’t get angry back at them and risk provoking a war. There’s been many a time where I’ve made a push and then later get accused of bottom feeding. I usually explain to them that I did Indeed make a push and when i hit them they were my size. On more than a few occasions I’ve even sent them gold (which as a mogul I have more then plenty) and I usually don’t get retaliated as much from the guys I hit when moving up.

Additional Info :

Try to resist the urge to thump every warmonger and necromancer that you catch as they go past. Chances are you will take way more land back off them than they got off you because their defense sucks. And then you will have ruined your DPA that you were trying to rebuild.

I hope that does help and I would like to thank Annick Drewnicki for the tips.

I grew up playing Street Fighter. Now that’s one game that every guy my age should master or at least know a little bit about it. If not, where have you been living all these while? Talking about Street Fighter, my favourite character would definitely be – No, not Ryu but Ken. I think he’s cool. With that Red Hadoken and the fiery dragon punch, he’s awesome.

For those who don’t really know what’s Street Fighter all about, according to wiki : Street Fighter (ストリートファイター, Sutorīto Faitā), or commonly abbreviated as SF, is a popular series of fighting games in which the players pit combatants from around the world, each with his or her own special moves, against one another. Capcom released the first game in the series in August 1987

I’d skip school to go to the arcade. I just can’t have enough of them … Used to la but since now there is warbook .. doesn’t really matter.

Now, actually was browsing through the net and got these cool MVs on Street Fighter themes. I know that they got super cool theme songs like Guile’s stage, Ken’s stage, Ryu’s stage. So, I’m leaving you guys with the great new metal tunes of Street Fighter themes.

Chun-Li’s Stage Theme

Guile’s Stage Theme

and my Fav : Ken’s Stage Theme

Enjoy that and oh, I think Chun-Li is kinda cute.

On another note .::: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CBENC12 :::.

You know, one of the greatest secret of success is:


Anyone can be an asshole in their respective workplace. That’s not a fiction but a proven statement. Be it you’re the boss or the slaves, asshole doesn’t really care about what’s your position in the company or any organization you work for. What the fuck he cares? Now, I can be an asshole sometimes. I admit that, there’s no denying. But under one condition, another asshole pissed me off first.

That’s exactly what has been happening these past few days.

Ever since I moved to the front-line, I’ve neglected a few back office works that I used to do when I was the utility player back a few months ago. I rarely do filling as the boss said I’ll just have to concentrate on what I am doing at the current moment. So, I complied quite well with that.

I don’t do clearing
I don’t do rate board
I don’t do posting for LC

I still do posting for OC
I still do pension warrant encashment

I used to do a lot of things before the restructuring. I enjoyed that too. Not that I’m not enjoying the fact that I have less things to do now it’s just that there are some people who are not happy with it. Now, that’s the pissing off motivator. So, FUCK YOU BITCH! Oh, I mean bless you. I was sneezing just now. Sneezing of angst and agony because I’m so fucking annoyed with the way you keep on pestering me with all that sarcasm in whatever shit you said.

Oh, that was a relief.

I was doing OC yesterday but a little bit late. Usually I will move back to back office for OC posting around 2:30 PM but I went in around 3:00 PM. Then I heard a small screeching sounds saying:

Susah sangat ka buat OC? Sini saya buat la

I didn’t really bother to answer that but I was kinda annoyed. OC can be done in like less than 5 minutes and the pick up time is usually at 3:30 PM. So what’s the rush? Besides, I’m the one doing it and not you. What the fuck is all this fuss? I carry on doing what I’m supposed to do and gave her that “FUCK OFF” kinda look. At that particular moment I swear to God that I really want to slap her in the face, yes right in her fucking face. Damn it’s annoying. I mean you can’t just start fucking with people’s ass all the time!

This morning, at the stroke of 9:00 AM where I believe that my day would be a less miserable day today, she was at it again. This time on the filing of received OC vouchers. I admit I never do that ever since I moved to the front and there she was, complaining about why it is not done since September. She started to smash things, trying to tell everyone that she’s fucking pissed. What’s the big hoo-haa all about? Attention whore. I think she’s very much lacking in attention and love and probably you’ll say, why don’t I give her some love? Fuck it, I’m not going to waste my fucking time giving some love to people like that.

You know, I did all that on a voluntary basis and it’s not I was supposed to be doing. Just because I saw nobody is doing it, so I did it in the first place. It was nobody doing it in the first place, why only when I do it and I stop doing it, it bothers her so much? Why not before that? So fucking what is it this time? And suddenly why am I being branded lazy?

So, you see, these assholes do exist. The best way to not to get distracted is just by saying:


I’ll rest my case. Dumbass!

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