I was having this conversation with a very good friend of mine.

Bongkersz : ee kiutnya who is that?
cibol : my cousin
cibol : meet sherlynn dannieyra
cibol : ha ha ha
cibol : omos 2 years old la
Bongkersz : wat a name! ask her wait for me
Bongkersz : hahahaha
cibol : ya
cibol : very cute
Bongkersz : cute
cibol : the father kanasai. me more hensom but the baby dem cute
cibol : ha ha ha
cibol : the parents younger then me
Bongkersz : owh? haha
cibol : ya la
Bongkersz : i want have mine oso. kids
cibol : ha ha ha
Bongkersz : kids so cute
Bongkersz : ahahaha
cibol : i told that to quite number of people – i want kids, their answer – I’m crazy
cibol : How could they don’t like kids?
cibol : ha ha ha
Bongkersz : they are dumb and selfish
cibol : anak itu pengikat silaturahim
cibol : wahahaha
Bongkersz : they are selfish. and bodoh. kids supposed to be a blessing not a burden. only if they realise their parents never think that way before having them
Bongkersz : if i married i will want anak fast
Bongkersz : if bini dun want i find other bini. serious
Bongkersz : after all we are here to procreate. hahahahahahahaa
cibol : true true
cibol : the faster the better
cibol : we are not getting younger
Bongkersz : stop giving me excuses like not yet time… no money.. nobody take care…
Bongkersz : yeah faster dude
cibol : money can find, anak .. if late by one year can suffer consequences
cibol : ha ha ha
Bongkersz : wah we same wavelength!! haha

It’s kinda sad when to think about it. There are people who actually said back to me,

“You think having kids very easy meh?”

“Why should I? Enjoy life mar .. I’m still so young”

“Eeeii … later I grow fat liw”

Of course it’s not easy but imagine if your parents when they were about to have you said of the same thing and suddenly change their mind not to have you? So, how? You will not be here, reading this isn’t it? Same goes with people who think that children are like a burden.

I don’t deny that financially stable is a keyword here la but if to wait until you don’t have any hutang ah, you pencen also you kenot have babies la lidat? Aiyo .. I just compiled something here la.

Famous reason for not having a baby yet
1. No money
2. I’m still very young
3. No time – If got baby kenot jalan-jalan and play liw
4. Nobody jaga
5. I don’t want to grow fat

Famous Reason for me wanting to have babies – Fast!
1. I’m not getting younger – I don’t want to have my first child when I’m 30+
2. I like kids
3. When I retire, my kids work already and I don’t need to scratch my head to find money
4. Kids are blessings, not a burden.
5. When I retire, I can goyang kaki and they all jia me!

cibol : ya la
cibol : think about it
cibol : when u pencen, ur kid still in uni .. suffer ler
Bongkersz : if only u a gal dude,.. and pretty a bit haha
cibol : even my dad ah, kawen at the age 24 still my sis when he pencen next time in uni
cibol : but it’s ok because me and my 2nd sis work aredi
cibol : imagine if u kawen lambat and happen also case lidat .. mati dude
cibol : pencen where enuff
cibol : then u kenot relax liw
cibol : if i am a gal ah? .. ha ha ha .. cibei

P/S : I wanna take out the part where he actually said – If only you’re a girl and pretty a bit. Kanneh! Sounded so wrong there …