June 2007

I give you a scenario; you are a 35 year old woman who is a hard-charging, beautiful PR executive who seems to have it all. You are currently running a PR company own by a real estate tycoon, an old friend Ray. You and Ray went to college together. In another word, you have known Ray for quite a long time. Ray like you very much, much more than a friend but you never give him a chance even though you know and aware that he had feelings for you.

One day, Ray offered you a vacation, a trip to let say somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, Veracruz perhaps. Ray told you that you need a rest because you look exhausted and you deserve the much need rest. He said he has no hidden agenda. There you go a first class ticket to a resort in Mexico. How cool is that. It’s just; take it or leave it.

There’s going to be a party to celebrate Ray’s birthday and also the opening ceremony for his new sub company in a few days. Yang and Damian is supposed to be in charge of the event. Yang on the planning side and Damian will be on the technical inspections side. Yang works for Ray while Yang works for your PR Company. The person who is supposed to be in charge of the interior design is Laura, your best friend whom you might want to call your sister.

Laura is someone that is very dear to your heart. She was the one who told you not to marry Jack, your ex-fiancé for some reasons that she just can’t tell you, but in the end your decision on pulling out from the wedding prove to be a correct decision because you found out that Jack is an asshole. Laura, a single mother in her 30’s is a dedicated young woman. She’s strong, faithful and a very good friend.

You went for lunch with a one of your most trusted employee, Yang who is also your personal secretary, well, used to be until you promoted her to operations manager that usually deals with your clients and also making sure all of your events running smoothly. Yang actually pointed out that you and Ray look good together. So you were thinking that;

I’m 35 and I’m not getting any younger. If I were to wait for the right time I’ll be 40 when I have my first child. I am ready for a relationship now and there is a great guy standing in front of me but I never gave him a chance.

After a while thinking and wondering inside yourself you finally decided to give Ray a chance. You went to Ray’s apartment that night and knocked on his door, fortunate enough for you, Ray just came back from attending a business meeting over dinner. Looking a bit exhausted but you can still see his face got lit up when he saw you at the door. So you told him;

Ray, I decided to take your offer. I will go for a break, a vacation but on one condition. You will have to come with me. Maybe we could try and make things work. No promises, but let’s just try.

You have made Ray the happiest man on earth that day. That particular day not just he had concluded a multi million dollar project and a grand opening for his new sub company in a few days but to his surprised and adding to his already jumbling joy, you finally decided to give him a chance.

Let’s talk about ray a little bit. Ray, a man in his 30’s, not married and never been is a successful businessman and a “devoted to one lady” kind of guy; not very much a characteristics that you might think of for a man of his caliber. So, I’m telling does who have been generalizing us men, not all are bad. Ray is one of them, one of the good guys and so am I. (carry basket)

The next morning, Ray is supposed to have a photo shoot session for GQ magazine. Ray asked for your help on it and you recommended Steven, a professional photographer whom you’ve worked with a couple of times and currently working with you on building up the image for Ray’s new company. Steven on the other hand is a divorcee in his 40’s. Steven and you used to have this certain shades of greens between you but it was just a blow of a wind, just a one-time thing (Thanks to mar) and it’s really not a surprise that Ray didn’t know about it.

You and Steven were supposed to work together to pick the best photos to be featured on that GQ magazine. As Ray is a very important man, who is your boss and also Steven’s biggest client, the picking gets tough. So, you and Steven have to spend the whole night together to finish the assignment.
As time goes on, with every tick of the clock you found that Steven is a very interesting person, someone that you have been looking for over the years. There’s this little voices inside your head singing:

All of my life, where have you been?

Without you realizing it, you are suddenly falling in love with this guy; deep in love, mesmerized by his charm and gentle way. All of a sudden your lips were locked tight; you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. It’s almost like the feeling of getting on high, full of ecstasy…

Suddenly, Steven pulled back and said;

I can’t do this. I’m with Laura, I’m seeing her…

That was news. Suddenly Laura and Ray came to mind. On another note, you’d wished that you knew about this thing between Steven and Laura, you are upset that Laura, your best friend, never told you anything about it. Why is everything trembling down now at this very moment?

What would you do? How would you react? Which one will you choose? Who will you touch, and who will touch you? Will you just go and fight for it or …

P/S : I still have to go to school tomorrow. There’s this Gotong Royong Perdana whereby every farking school in Malaysia will have a gotong royong. So, my weekened will be cut short. I’m supposed to go for The Borneo Tattoo Convention .. wahhh!!!


3 days into the job. I’m beginning to like it. Well, not really on the overcrowded schedule part but more on being able to be entertain by my students. I must admit that it’s not everyday that is beautiful in school. They somehow can give you pain and pleasure at the same time.

I still think that being greeted “Good Afternoon Teacher” everyday is weird and I’m so not used to be called “Cikgu“. But somehow, I feel proud and honoured to be addressed as “Cikgu“. Everyone, from the headmaster to the Security Guard will greet you with the same greeting every single day and everywhere I am, I will be addressed as “Cikgu“.

Yesterday after school my parents and I went to Pasar Malam to buy some dinner. We actually finished quite late yesterday due to the bad traffic near the school. As I was picking some roasted pork I heard somebody calling “Teacher! Teacher!”. I saw a little girl at the corner smiling at me. I didn’t really recognised her but I smiled back at her and say:

“Hey, doing your shopping with your mom?”

She smiled and nod her head. She went away to her mom and point at me and said:

“That’s my class teacher”

3 days .. I’ve been here only 3 days and it felt like forever ..

P/S : It only took a moment for someone to touch your heart. Who will touch you, who will you touch?

There was this session during Bahasa Malaysia this afternoon, I was explaining to my students about “tokoh“. As I was explaining the thing I somehow got lost in the way and for a moment I stopped and I thought :

“My BM is very louya liaw”

In my own words I was trying to explain to them that “tokoh” are like heroes; and these people have done great things to the nation. We have a lot of “tokoh” in this country such as Tan Sri P. Ramlee, our very own Elvis Presley, “Tokoh Seni“; Tunku Abdul Rahman, our very first Prime Minister, “Tokoh Negara/ Politik” and to make it short I told them these people are famous and you can find them in the text book, Television and the news.

So, I asked my students:

“Do you want to follow in their footsteps?”

Of course they replied yes. I called upon one of my student and asked him who would she think might be one of those fellas who belongs to the “tokoh” clan. She replied :

“Abdul Razak Baginda”

When I asked why, she said :

“He always appeared on tv and my parents always mention his name. I think he’s a tokoh because he’s famous”

Ok, I made a mistake .. I took back what I said just now

tokoh” are like heroes; and these people have done great things to the nation. We have a lot of “tokoh” in this country such as Tan Sri P. Ramlee, our very own Elvis Presley, “Tokoh Seni“; Tunku Abdul Rahman, our very first Prime Minister, “Tokoh Negara/ Politikand to make it short I told them these people are famous and you can find them in the text book, Television and the news.

There you go, fixed. Please don’t let your child follow the footsteps of

Abdul Razak Baginda.

P/S : They’ve just made me a utility man. They’ve added Arts to my already over crowded time table. Bugger! They’re having fun ah .. %^&*&!!!!

My first day in school, CHAOTIC! It was not really a very good day to report to work. I was strucked by flu the night before. Really bad. Darn it! I woke up at 5:30 this morning. My nose is killing me. The first thing I told dad when he woke up:

“I want to go to the clinic”

I am sick. Really sick …

My first day in school. Nothing great but at least now I know it’s not easy being a teacher. My superior, a female teacher n her 40’s I guess, is an ass. Why? Everything she does is halfway, incomplete and passed it down to me like normal la when you go for industrial training everything that the seniors don’t want to do they give newbies. It’s ok .. FARK YOU! It’s NOT OK! How do you expect me to read your farking rotten mind?

I came in and I was told that I will be teaching English, Maths and Science and now, this smart lady just put everything that was supposed to be under care , all of it to me! That’s a disaster. I am now a class teacher, teaching maths, english, bahasa melayu, science and music!!!

There’s this name tag thing that I’m pretty much annoyed about. She said :

“The clerk don’t want to deal with it, now since you’re the class teacher, you deal with it”

You stupid dumbshit Goddamn motherfuckin bitch!!!!

Well, not all was bad la .. It’s only the first day, the worst is still somewhere hiding. I was handed the BEST class and the WORST. BEST because you don’t have to talk much, they understand and they’re smart, WORST because these are a bunch of chimpanzees that can’t really get their butt tied to their chair .. well, ok I admit, I was a rascal before. Now I know la how my teacher feel. Ha ha ha .. Really feel like want to do some “Hadoken” on the fella. Merciless little freaks!

The hardest part is I have to use english all the time and some of them don’t even understand english, so it’s a bit hard for me and for them also. Not that I don’t want to use BM but you can’t really spoon feed them .. and plus The Maa’m warned me that I must use english no matter what.


Aunt Vivian told me that Ms. Helen is currently looking for Guru Ganti. The news came as a surprise to me. I was in dillema, go or not .. that’s keep on playing on my mind. They just gave me like 24 hours to think about it. I woke up this morning .. told myself,

“let’s just go for it”

I went in to the principal’s office. I actually kinda hate it being in the principal’s office. It’s always gloomy, dark and scary .. eerie could be the right word also I guess. It was 8:35 am when I entered the room. I actually have to rush for work after that.

I saw a lady in her 40s, in a red baju kurung, wearing a spec – like those character they always potray in fairy tales when it comes to the villain, like with liddat. I tot

“Shoot .. I’m dead”

Guru Besar : Who are you? (Wah .. so mean ah?)

Me : Archibald maa’m. Archibald Frankie, morning.

Guru Besar: From where?

Me : Err .. Actually Ms. Vivian told me that you wanted to see me today.

Guru Besar : Owh .. Have a seat.

Looking at my certs …

Guru Besar : I don’t see any English ..

I pointed to her all the subjects that I took, English subjects .. English For Acaddemic Purposes, Business Communications, MUET and whatever …

Guru Besar :Owh ..

Then the PA came in ..

PA : The father is here, I asked him to come in but he refused

Guru Besar : Sapa bapak dia?

PA : Cikgu Frankie

Guru Besar : You, anak Cikgu Frankie ah?

Me : Yup (It’s written there on my certs la)

Then the started to bla bla bla … and then suddenly the whole interview changed to an all iban interview ..

Guru Besar : I don’t want to promise you anything, now it’s up to the education department. I will forward your name to them. Keep your fingers crossed

Yup, I did .. at 12:30 She rang my dad ..

Guru Besar : Can your son come to school now ka?

WTF!!! I’m A …

Sorry guys, I have been busy for the past few days. I’m only going to be free on Mondays from now onwards. Just a little update, I’ve been working for the past few days. Well, opening of a new mall makes life even harder. One word for Bintulu people “SAKAI”.

SAKAI – Is actually a name of a tribe in Negeri Sembilan. One of the orang asli tribe la.

Not to offend any orang asli out there but here, the word is used to describe people who act like they never see things, just got out from the jungle and so farking amazed with everything. So, in this context .. Bintulu people never see shopping mall before. For God sake they queue up at the main entrance like an hour before the mall opens EVERY FARKING MORNING!

Well, I must admit .. this is the best mall in Sarawak, at least for me. I mean the design la. The tenants also not bad. No Tom, Dick & Harry kind of store. We got Watsons, Guardian, Baleno etc .. but still, no starbucks!!

Enough rambles .. I need some rest before another busy day. Take care guys!

P/S : Enter my blog at your own risk .. Don’t say I didn’t warned you.

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Talking about life partner and stuffs like that, I was moved to blog about this. Bongkersz once asked me about what are the criteria or maybe qualities that I look for in women if let say I decided to take them as a life partner, in another word to be my wife. I was having this small talk with dad over the weekend about the whole thing of finding the right person. So, we came up with a few things.

A Good Cook
Almost half of the people I know, girls in particular can’t cook. The only way to get to a guy’s heart is through his tummy. I know it’s just a saying but I think this is one skill that is very basic and I think each and every female should have. It’s crucial and looking at the situation at the moment, it’s alarming.

Can’t cook? That’s a big No No ..

What dad has to say …
She needs to be a good cook. I can’t tolerate with this. I think it’s a must have skill for every female on this planet earth. For God sake I don’t want to eat outside everyday or tapau for meals everyday

What I have to say …
I do agree that it is very crucial that she know how to cook. I spent most of my time in the kitchen when I’m at home. I can cook and I believe I’m good at it but that doesn’t mean that it’s ok that she doesn’t cook. Therefore it’s preferable that she can cook at least simple dishes. But then things don’t always be like what we want it to be, we can’t always get what we want. I do believe that human are imperfect in a way so we try to minimize the imperfection. What I mean is, I will teach her how to cook. I mean I’m going to live my entire life with this person might as well do something about it rite?

A Good Catholic
Being a Catholic even though not a very good one I must admit, I do still think that this is an area which is very important to me. Well, I just don’t really want to complicate things. I need someone who can help and guide me in knowing my faith because I want to be a good husband, a good father to my kids and a good person to the community. I do believe that a strong family relationship is built upon a strong religious belief.

What Dad has to say …
I do agree ..

What I have to say …
Enough said ..

A Working Professional

What Dad has to say …
Your wife must be a working lady. It will be very hard for the family if you have only you alone working your ass out for a living. Whatever job la as long as she can support the family’s living. I’d prefer a teacher la as she would have more time to spend with your kids and you.

What I have to say …
Well, doesn’t have to be a teacher as long as she’s working that’s enough for me. What I mean y working is at least 1+k la. I’d like the person to be someone who knows what’s happening around and I do thing by having a job is one way for her to be updated with the world around us. I don’t mean that being a house-wife will make you like katak bawah tempurung kind of stuffs but the tendencies are there but again it is all about choices la, even if you’re working also if you choose to just ignore what’s happening around you then no point also.

Since I like music a lot, I would prefer somebody who would love the same thing too. I always have this thoughts that me and my other half performing on stage, singing, playing music and so on. Just like Josh Turner you know what I mean. That would be cool. Music runs in the family besides having a family that is very much coming from the education background, taking teaching as professions. So, I would like the music and art side of the family to flow within the next generation, at least my generation la.

Must know football!! That’s a very big MUST. I know for the fact that it’s very hard to find a female Chelsea supporter (Charyelle – One in A Million), anything will do la as long as not Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. Preferably if she know more than just David Beckham, Michael Owen, Christiano Ronaldo or any other pretty face in the league. It doesn’t help when she will keep on talking about how cute the fella is while I’m trying to enjoy the football.

Here is what my friends got to say:

Bongkersz was saying that I should start dating older or at least the same age girls. He said they dressed themselves up better and he called me a pedo. Nei yu!

AmoiDewa thinks that another thing that should be added to the list is she must be good in bed

Ken said that looking at my situation at the moment, I’m jobless and have yet to go for my convocation, get a sugar momma and be happy with it. They get paid real good!

Whatever it is, like I said you can list a zillion things about what you want, what you think is good for you and what is not but God knows better. In the end what you want sometimes isn’t exactly what you get. There’s nothing wrong with hoping and wanting for something though. Enjoy the weekend!

P/S : Oh ya guys, from tomorrow onwards I might be a little busy. So, I might not be able to post up something each and every day. I will be officially employed tomorrow.

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