The start of the new year is somewhat I would say one of the busiest time for banks, especially those banks that holds accounts for schools and also the KWAPM accounts. I don’t really know what does KWAPM stands for but it is some monetary aid for the poor and less unfortunate students. Things can get a little nasty sometimes when parents who are dissatisfied with the delay of money being credited into their children’s account. It’s not that we don’t want to credit the money but there is no money to be credited and how can we credit to their account if there’s no money?

Dealing with school is a headache. Why? They use a lot of coins. They come to you with big plastic bags full of coins. They will stand there waiting for you to count the money. Not that we mind a lot about it but it would actually help if we do that at the end of the day because there’s a lot of people who are in a hurry especially those who are dealing with foreign transfer, local and outstation cheques that needs to be cleared on that day itself. If one school come in a day is still okay, I can deal with that but usually it’s like a few schools in a day and they come to the bank with all the coins several time during the day! I don’t understand why they don’t do it in one shot. These are teachers!

If usually the branch only have around 160-175 transactions daily, with the school accounts it can be between 200-250 transactions daily. Being in charge of ATM and CDM – not entirely in charge of it; it’s as busy as the tellers at the counters and it really doesn’t help if you have money lenders next door. Why? Every freaking morning they will withdraw with at least 10 cards; One card, RM 3000 and if there’s 10 cards, RM 30,000. Imagine that RM 30,000 is only from one person / money lender. There are at least 5 money lenders in this particular area, and if all of them withdraw that’s a staggering RM 150,000 in just one fine morning! The amount being top up is like only RM 300,000 every Monday and Friday – Exceptional case when it’s near to the festive season usually can be up to RM 500,000 or a little more than that.

Remember the last time I told you about the things you need to know about ATMs? Well, this is just an additional info on the part where you withdraw money, the cash was not dispensed and there’s no slip being printed. What you have to do when you make a report is that, go to your bank and print your statement which shows the transactions that you’ve made on that particular day and also if possible update your passbook because the bank which “took your money away” need to submit that along with your report. – It will make things easier in a way. The nasty part is, there’s always a delay. It can be 2 weeks and sometimes it can be a month, so be prepared. So if you are in dying need of money, I’ll say you can just forget about that. So to prevent all this, read my last post about ATM.


I was having this conversation with a very good friend of mine.

Bongkersz : ee kiutnya who is that?
cibol : my cousin
cibol : meet sherlynn dannieyra
cibol : ha ha ha
cibol : omos 2 years old la
Bongkersz : wat a name! ask her wait for me
Bongkersz : hahahaha
cibol : ya
cibol : very cute
Bongkersz : cute
cibol : the father kanasai. me more hensom but the baby dem cute
cibol : ha ha ha
cibol : the parents younger then me
Bongkersz : owh? haha
cibol : ya la
Bongkersz : i want have mine oso. kids
cibol : ha ha ha
Bongkersz : kids so cute
Bongkersz : ahahaha
cibol : i told that to quite number of people – i want kids, their answer – I’m crazy
cibol : How could they don’t like kids?
cibol : ha ha ha
Bongkersz : they are dumb and selfish
cibol : anak itu pengikat silaturahim
cibol : wahahaha
Bongkersz : they are selfish. and bodoh. kids supposed to be a blessing not a burden. only if they realise their parents never think that way before having them
Bongkersz : if i married i will want anak fast
Bongkersz : if bini dun want i find other bini. serious
Bongkersz : after all we are here to procreate. hahahahahahahaa
cibol : true true
cibol : the faster the better
cibol : we are not getting younger
Bongkersz : stop giving me excuses like not yet time… no money.. nobody take care…
Bongkersz : yeah faster dude
cibol : money can find, anak .. if late by one year can suffer consequences
cibol : ha ha ha
Bongkersz : wah we same wavelength!! haha

It’s kinda sad when to think about it. There are people who actually said back to me,

“You think having kids very easy meh?”

“Why should I? Enjoy life mar .. I’m still so young”

“Eeeii … later I grow fat liw”

Of course it’s not easy but imagine if your parents when they were about to have you said of the same thing and suddenly change their mind not to have you? So, how? You will not be here, reading this isn’t it? Same goes with people who think that children are like a burden.

I don’t deny that financially stable is a keyword here la but if to wait until you don’t have any hutang ah, you pencen also you kenot have babies la lidat? Aiyo .. I just compiled something here la.

Famous reason for not having a baby yet
1. No money
2. I’m still very young
3. No time – If got baby kenot jalan-jalan and play liw
4. Nobody jaga
5. I don’t want to grow fat

Famous Reason for me wanting to have babies – Fast!
1. I’m not getting younger – I don’t want to have my first child when I’m 30+
2. I like kids
3. When I retire, my kids work already and I don’t need to scratch my head to find money
4. Kids are blessings, not a burden.
5. When I retire, I can goyang kaki and they all jia me!

cibol : ya la
cibol : think about it
cibol : when u pencen, ur kid still in uni .. suffer ler
Bongkersz : if only u a gal dude,.. and pretty a bit haha
cibol : even my dad ah, kawen at the age 24 still my sis when he pencen next time in uni
cibol : but it’s ok because me and my 2nd sis work aredi
cibol : imagine if u kawen lambat and happen also case lidat .. mati dude
cibol : pencen where enuff
cibol : then u kenot relax liw
cibol : if i am a gal ah? .. ha ha ha .. cibei

P/S : I wanna take out the part where he actually said – If only you’re a girl and pretty a bit. Kanneh! Sounded so wrong there …

DATE: 13th January 2008
TIME: 1 p.m.
VENUE: St John’s Cathedral, Kuala Lumpur
MASS PRESIDER: His Grace, Archbishop Murphy Nicholas Xavier Pakiam

Followed by Fellowship among students from 15 campuses after the Mass.

All university and college university students are warmly welcome!!

Dear friend, we need to gather around 450 students to come and celebrate this Mass. It would be very very nice of you if you can help to forward this mail to all your friends and post it in the bulletin & blog. Thanks for your time and effort. Thanks again and God bless.

Enquiries: email to

My new love. Everytime I go to Miri, sure go to her place

Ok, she’s the darling of the family. 1 and a half year old Baby Dannieyra.

Bah .. Can’t have enough of her

The sweetest thing. Sweet child O mine – Rock on!

Darling .. Darling .. Darling ..
Sugar .. Honey .. Honey
My candy girl
My one and only .. You!

Me and my little princess – Sherlynn Danieyrra

A start of a new year, what did you do on new year’s eve?

Well, I didn’t stay up till 12 actually. So, In a way I missed the countdown. I was downward drunk with my friends. – Kidding. I just stayed at home entertaining friends. We had BBQ at my place, just a few of us. We had some drinks, chit-chat and that’s about it. Nothing much really.

That’s very traditional of you.

Of course. That’s pretty much sums up my new year’s celebration but seriously, I missed the countdown. I slept right after I made some calls to friends and family. I can’t sent any sms so I have to call them up. Maybe due to the craziness of people getting on the phone on new year’s eve, some of them I couldn’t get through – SO GUYS! I’M NOT FORGETTING YOU ALL! I DID TRY TO CALL YOU!

So, how has 2007 been for you?
Good. I learnt a lot of stuffs of life, love and my faith and in a way I think I grew up a little. 😉

Anything in particular that you want to highlight?

Nothing much. Maybe the part that I had my convocation. Finally I made it up that stage. You know, I’ve been waiting for that moment to come and when it finally came, it felt like nothing but in a way I see that as one of the milestones in my life. Something worth remembering.

What did you studied in College?
Economics. I major in Business Economics. It sounds boring, I know. 😉

You don’t really like it?

Well, not saying that I don’t like it. It’s interesting in a way but to be honest with you, I also don’t know what I like. So it’s pretty much about just getting myself a degree and carry on with life. I mean, like what you study – Does it really matter? I can be an engineer, a banker or whatever that is offered in the industry, if I’m not earning as much as those who sells roti canai in mamak stalls does it make me feel any better? You got the brain but no money, what’s the use? – Borrowed that from a friend actually. I thank him for that.

Did you carved any resolutions last year?
Not really but I guess if you track back my first post on wordpress you’d probably find some I guess. Let’s see :

1. Get a decent job – Done
2. Get A driving License – On the way
3. Keep on blogging – Done, with flying colors (I hope so)
4. Save some money – Except for the Korea trip, I think I might have to postpone that one

I don’t really go all out carving resolutions.

That’s pretty easy to achieve isn’t it?

Yeah, pretty much but you need discipline for that especially for the later part of the resolutions. With greater power comes greater responsibilities, with greater money, if you don’t spend it wisely, comes greater misery.

Carved any for this year?

Nothing much. I’ve listed a few actually. These are the things that I think very possible for me to achieve this year.

1. Buy a car
2. Get my own domain
3. Be happy

Pretty boring. Amoi asked me to put “Get a girlfriend and get married” in my resolutions – Nah! That’s not a resolution. They’ll come when the time comes but as for the moment, maybe not but we never know what will happen in the next 12 months.

Any special project going on? music-wise?

Currently I’m working on a few tracks. Money and equipment has been the setbacks for all these while. I hope I will have everything by end of this year so that I can have my very own studio at home. That would be better.

So, hoping to hear that real soon.

Hopefully. I’ve got 4 songs yet to be titled – I really like one of them. I might just call it “Used To” – I don’t know. We’ll see what will happen.

I guess that’s all for today. Thanks for your time and happy new year.
Thanks, happy new year.

I’ve just came back from Miri.

To My favourite Aunt & Future-To-Be-Uncle :

Jacqueline Janta Boniface & James Ang Chung Sang


Well, to start of things – How has life been for you?

To be honest? Good, I guess. Nothing much except for a few hoo-ha here and there. That’s just part and parcel of life anyway. Who cares. Apart from being busy with warbook work there’s nothing much really.

That’s basically pretty boring isn’t it?
Depends on how you look at it I guess. Sometimes I do think that it’s boring but there are times I find it so enchanting.

Care to elaborate more on that?

Well, enchanting in a sense that I got a work to do and there’s money. There’s a driving factor behind it. Money that is. I know you’d probably ask me next “What’s so enchanting about it?” but I’m not gonna tell you. I let you figure it out.

Let’s talk about love.
Shoot .. This is my favourite subject in school – murderer!

So, let’s start with a simple question of – Have you ever been in love?

Of course I do. Maybe most of the time and maybe most of the time for the very wrong reasons. 😉 Kidding. Yes, I do but if you’re next question is “Who was your first love?”, I’ll have to say your mom. Kill me – Dead!

Now, how does that feel?

Falling in love with someone can be an amazing feeling, especially when it’s for the first time. And it isn’t always easy to be certain that your partner feels exactly the same way. It’s natural to feel anxious about revealing your feelings; telling someone you love could make you feel vulnerable and risks changing the relationship for good. One word, ICE CREAM! That suddenly popped out. I have no idea where it came from.

Have you ever done something that seemed ludicrous at the time to impress them?
Impress who? Owh .. Of course. There was this one time, I’ve got a tattoo of Yogi Bear on my shoulder, which I think I had done to impress a girl, yeah I can’t imagine I’ve done anything that hasn’t been to impress a girl at some point or another. Did it impress her? No, no I don’t think it did, nah, that’s shocking isn’t it? What a waste of ink! – Kidding, I can’t think of any I guess apart from willing to travel miles away from where I am just to meet her, sending out flowers from afar. There was this one time I paid RM80.00 for a bouquet of white roses to be sent out to a girl which I kinda like but in the end she told me that she prefer pink roses instead of white. Darn it! What a waste

Have you ever called them to hear their voice, only to hang up before speaking?

I used to. There was once in high school. I freaking like this babe, I got her phone number but everytime she picks up the phone I hang up. It was only in second year into school that I actually managed to talk to her and I asked her out. We dated for quite a while before we – well, we never really started. 😉

Can you name their favorite … ice cream?
Darn it! This is like playing Ganguro Girls dude! Why are you asking me these questions?

… movie?

Hidden pleasure, MILF .. Some japanese porn I guess. Nah kidding! Really, I never really dig into that. Maybe some sappy sad movie like Titanic. To tell you the truth, I also watch Titanic like a zillion time. Who cares …

Do you find that certain songs on the radio seem to be written about them or the two of you?

Not really but my friend got. The song was “Here Without You” by Three Doors Down. LOL! It was a bit funny because I never expected this friend of mine like that one you know but then come to think of it, he’s human after all. So my dear friend, I understand.

Do you have pet names for each other?

Pussy and Dicky? Doesn’t sounds nice uh? Nope, I never. Even we did have, I won’t tell you. Let me see … pet names: baby, bee, bie, honey, sayang, cayang, cayunk .. what else? Oh ya, how could I forget – Dear of course.

Does a hug or kiss from them really make it all better?
Come on … Of course they do. It’s like a cure for the itch.

Are you thinking about them right now?
Wah .. THEM? So many ah? While I’m talking to you I have one in mind. I just wished that the other side would be the same too. 😉 But then maybe not. It’s ok!

Do you miss them, even when they are in the next room?

We’re all lonely for something we don’t know we’re lonely for. How else to explain the curious feeling that goes around feeling like missing somebody we’ve never even met? – That was by David Foster Wallace by the way. Doesn’t really answer your question right? We’ll leave it like that. 😉

Have you or they picked a song (you know “yours and their song”)?
I actually composed a few but it always end up as my song for myself in the end. Sad eh? In the end it doesn’t really matter. 😉 I’m cool!

Do you hurt when they hurt?
I bleed. Whoaaa .. Scary huh? Well, if you really love that someone I guess it does hurt you when that person that you love is hurt. She’s like a part of me and how could I possibly not hurt when she’s hurt.

Last but not least, last words? Wish perhaps?
I wished she was here
I wished I could turn back time
I wished I was the January guy
Just wishes right? It wouldn’t hurt that much. 😉

Thanks for your time
Not a problem. Cheers and happy new year!